How To Throw a Coquette Dinner Party? The Must-Have Elements

Heart-shaped sweets, pink bubbly drinks, satin ribbons and bows, scented candles, and shiny balloons – sounds like we have a coquette dinner party on our hands!

If you wish you could gather all your favorite girly girlfriends for a night they will never forget, a coquette-themed party is just the well-deserved treat you all need! And it’s the perfect idea for Galentine’s Day!

Do you want to learn which are the must-have elements for throwing a coquette dinner party, and find some inspiring ideas in the meantime? Just keep on reading girl.

How to Throw a Coquette Dinner Party? The Must-Have Elements

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Last year, I threw something a little more special for my girlies for Women’s Day. The intimate get-together at my place had all the essentials of a classic all-girl party – pink and red flowers, vanilla-scented candles, heart-shaped candy, rosé wine, pink champagne, and girly decorations like floral tablecloths and gold ribbons. But this year, I am thinking of going all out for Galentine’s Day!

Join me on my journey by drawing inspiration from these specially picked-out coquette dinner party ideas, with tips and advice for creating the perfect girly theme!

Coquette Dinner Party Invitations Idea

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Some of you might not think of this element as a must, but I have to say that aesthetically-designed coquette dinner party invitations will surely hype your guests for this special event!

And you don’t even have to spend a lot of time to make them. Simple cardboard paper in pastel pink, purple or creamy white will do just splendidly. You can draw cute ribbons, bows or hearts on your invites to make them even more unique!

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