Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Testing The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies Featuring Mini Munch was a riot last weekend! Food bloggers are a dime a dozen and need to maximize their SEO in order to get their content to stand out. Bloggers often say their recipe is The Best to attract attention. This post my adorable niece and nephew helped taste two soft chocolate chip cookie recipes. Our quest was to put The Best of The Best to the test!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Holy freaking moly you guys, Kieran and I have a funfilled yet whirlwind vacation down in Florida last weekend. My Dad owns a house in the sunshine state so every March my sister, her family, Kieran, and I try to coordinate a time we can visit him. I’m happy to say last weekend we were all able to get together and partake in a fun and relaxing vacation!

My sister told me, my adorable niece and nephew, Jada and Jaxon, are my biggest fans and love my Shock Munch videos. I suggested we film a Shock Munch video in Florida with the kids and they immediately said yes. They even coined themselves as Mini Munch. I mean seriously, how freaking cute is that? So this week’s post is Testing The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies Featuring Mini Munch!

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here’s the concept of the video which I’ll post below. Like I said, food bloggers often put The Best in their titles to attract attention to their site. I’ve done it as well and I’ll do it again. I thought it would be fun for the kids if we filmed and tested two recipes that termed themselves The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies.

After a good Googling, I found both Pinch of Yum and Sally’s Baking Addiction had The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies recipes. I couldn’t wait to pit one The Best recipe after the other to truly discover which blogger had the best recipe. And what better taste testers than children? Children are known to be brutally honest so I knew Jada and Jaxon would give me their honest opinion.

So without further adieu, Shock Munch presents my Testing The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies Featuring Mini Munch video:

Who’s cookie recipe will the children choose? Pinch Of Yum or Sally’s Baking Addiction?

Drum roll please… and the winner is… Sally’s Baking Addiction!!

I’m telling you though, Pinch Of Yum didn’t go down without a fight. In fact, at first, it was a tie! The kids preferred SBA while Kieran and I preferred POY’s recipe. We had a tough time deciding because both cookie recipes were outstanding! We commissioned my brother-in-law, Steve, to be the tiebreaker. He liked both cookies but ultimately crowned SBA as the winner.

Although I thought POY’s recipe was, in fact, softer, the children thought it was too sweet. Both recipes use similar ingredients but POY used more granulated sugar and SBA used more brown sugar. Perhaps that’s why POY’s cookie was sweeter? I’m no sugar expert.

SBA’s recipe was soft yet a bit firmer to the bite. The cookie was slightly less sweet tasting too, at least to our taste buds.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Testing The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies Featuring Mini Munch was a fun and tasty experiment. Both cookie recipes were excellent and crowning a winner was hard. Here are the main takeaways when considering which cookie recipe to make.


  • The winner in our taste test!
  • The cookie seemed a bit firmer to the bite but was less sweet, which the children preferred.
  • The recipe calls for cornstarch. Cornstarch is said to break down proteins in flour resulting in a more tender cookie.
  • You must chill the dough for at least 1 hour before baking. Chilling is mandatory.
  • The dough can be chilled 24 hours overs which is great for folks who like make ahead of time type of recipes.
  • The recipe calls for both the butter and egg to be room temperature before baking.
  • The cookie bakes for the normal 10-11 minutes.
  • The recipe says the cookie should cool for roughly 5 minutes before eating.
  • Click here to get SBA’s cookie recipe.


  • The runner-up in our taste test!
  • The cookie was extremely soft but the children said it was almost too sweet.
  • The dough does not need to be chilled before baking.
  • The recipe does not call for the butter and egg to be room temperature.
  • You purposely underbake the cookies.
  • The recipe says the cookies should rest for at least 30 minutes before eating.
  • Click here to get POY’s cookie recipe.

To recap, Sally’s cookie was the winner of our clan but the recipe requires a little planning like setting out the egg and butter beforehand so they reach room temperature. It’s also mandatory you chill the dough for at least 1 hour prior to baking. With POY’s recipe, you can literally decide to make cookies at the last minute. Neither the butter no eggs need to be set out and the dough doesn’t need to chill. However, since you underbake the cookies the recipe recommends you let the cookies cool for 30 minutes so they can carry over cook and set up properly.

At the end of the day, we were impressed with both bloggers. SBA and POY are food blogger powerhouses who constantly create amazing content. I strongly encourage you to check them both out!

Alright, folks, that’s a wrap on Testing The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies Featuring Mini Munch! I was thrilled to include Jada and Jaxon in a Shock Munch video because like any aunt, I cherish the time I get to spend with them. Do you want to talk about impressive? Jada and Jaxon were patient and easy to direct on set. They were fun to work with so I look forward to the next collaboration!

After filming wrapped we got down to business and enjoyed the remainder of our Florida vacation. We soaked up the sun and rum. Holy crap did Kieran and I overdo it on the rum! We’re in the midst of detoxing to recover from our drunken shenanigans.

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what I’m sharing next week but I’ll do my best to make it entertaining!

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