Tefal OptiGrill – Grilling Made Easy Review

You know how it is, you have something that you use for years, but then it breaks down and you say you’re going to get it fixed…but you never get round to it! Inevitably, you get used to not having it. We were like this when the grill in our cooker decided to stop working. We didn’t miss cleaning it (it was always a pain) and the frying pan became our new best friend. The one thing that we remained aware of though, was that it wasn’t as healthy as grilling, so we rejoiced when Summer came along and the BBQ was put into operation.

As you can imagine, when Tefal sent me the OptiGrill for review, I was very eager to test out this stand-alone grill. I welcomed the opportunity to cook healthier food (and not have to stand outside at the BBQ) and both Neil and I couldn’t wait to try out the results.

The OptiGrill is a relatively light weight machine. It weighs around 5kg and is 37 x 36 x 16.5 cm. It’s not the most aesthetically-pleasing looking gadget, but that made me feel optimistic that it would live up to its promises of “restaurant quality steak”. Yes, this is a functional grill designed to cook good food, not to sit looking pretty in your kitchen.

Tefal OptiGrill – Grilling Made Easy Review

It comes with simple and easy to read instructions and a quick start guide. I recommend you read both, as the quick start guide leaves out some important “to dos and don’ts” such as cleaning the cooking plates before use and to avoid using metal scourers or abrasive plastic scourers on the non-stick coated cooking plates, so they won’t be damaged.

Tefal OptiGrill’s Key Features
Tefal OptiGrill – Grilling Made Easy Review

Tefal OptiGrill – Grilling Made Easy Review

The main features on the OptiGrill are its Automatic Sensor and LED Cooking Level Indicator, which work together checking the thickness of the meat and then cooking it accordingly, at just the right temperature. The colour changes at each cooking stage and beeps when it has completed, so there’s no need to lift the lid to see if it’s done.

It comes with 6 pre-set programmes for burgers, poultry, bacon, sausage, red meat and fish. There is also manual mode (handy for vegetables and toasties) and defrost.

The cooking plates are detachable and dishwasher friendly. I really liked the drip tray, it slid in nicely and is of a good size.

We tested it first by cooking high quality steaks bought from our local butcher, set to well done. As the fat dripped into the drip tray, I was worried the steaks would be dry, but they were succulent. Neil doesn’t usually like his steak well done, but he gave it the thumbs up too. For the peppers, we set it to manual mode and timed it ourselves; we were impressed with the results, they were ready quickly and remained flavoursome. For the corn on the cob, I boiled it first in a saucepan and then finished it off in the grill, producing a pleasing appearance.

I posted a mini video on Instagram when our peppered steaks are just finished cooking (you can hear the beep).

The OptiGrill would be great for anyone new to cooking. The pre-set programmes make it incredibly easy to cook food correctly – no worries of undercooking (or over cooking). It’s easy to clean, a wipe down with a damp sponge and kitchen paper and you’re ready to go.

Available on Tefal Amazon Argos Tesco and other good retailers. Price £129.99.

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http://sassytownhouseliving.com Carolann
I have the Cuisinart one just like it and I love it! That steak looks sooooo yummy!

OMG I have been thinking about getting this for a really long time and now you encouraged me even more, I think X mas will be the perfect time.


Hazel Jane
Ohh this looks really cool and so helpful for quick and easy grilling! The food looks really tasty too 🙂

Hazel xx

http://casacostello.com/ Helen Costello
I agree with Sisley, those grill lines somehow make gorgeous food even more appealing! I yearn for an Optigrill – I miss toasted sandwiches x

http://www.sewwhite.com/ Sisley White
i don’t know why but I really love the grill lines on the food. Especially on the peppers. It looks so tasty!

Oops, it appears I missed the bit about washing before use!! Thanks for including my review:-)

I love grilling food so super easy to do and it keeps the food so moist

Gemma S
This looks great for a speedy dinner, nice to see fat running away to an the meat being sealed x

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