Greek Yogurt Guacamole

You need to make this and put it in your mouth. Your mouth doesn’t know what it’s missing….and when it finds’re in trouble buster.

I’ve talked about my love of avocado…like…a gazillion times throughout this blog’s history….and my love for avocado is real you guys. I mean….if Kieran ever caught me cheating on him…it will probably be with avocado.

I can picture it now (picture it with me you guys)…I come home REALY late at night from the market with a large bag stuffed with avocados (most of them eaten already). I tiptoe carefully towards the staircase, trying not to make a sound….then suddenly…. I hear someone clearing their throat. “AHEM”

Startled, I whip my head sharply to the right, squinting my eyes, peering into the darkness, desperately trying to locate where the sound came from…..and hoping it was only my imagination. Abruptly, Kieran flicks on the light… eyes widen in horror….as they fall upon Kieran, sitting in his bathrobe, with his arms crossed, and left foot taping the floor….it’s immediately evident he’s been waiting for me to come home a loooooong time.

“Oh! Why…..Uh…..Hi honey”, I stammer, my eyes adverting his cold stare, “What are you doing up so late?”

Kieran, taking a slow, deep, deliberate breath, narrows his eyes and says, “I was about to ask you the same thing.”

Struggling to stay calm, I stutter, “Ummm…..I…..I…uh…..didn’t you get my message?”

Kieran pulls his iPhone from his pocket to take a look……”Nope.”

“Fuuuuuuuck,” I think to myself…trying to find a way out of my predicament. I regain my composure and continue with my lie….thinking it’s my only hope for survival.

“Well….I CALLED you this evening,” I quip with as much conviction as I can, “Asking you to call me back….but you didn’t so…..”

Kieran interrupts, “What’s in the bag honey?”

“What bag?”, I demand, getting all defensive.

“THAT bag”, Kieran says, pointing at the bag I’m holding, clearly getting annoyed with my antics.

I look down at the bag of half eaten avocado’s I’m holding, “Oh, THIS bag?”, I ask. My brain searches for the most plausible answer, I utter “I’m collecting canned goods for the poor.”

Kieran rolls his eyes then stands up. He walks over and stands closely in front of me, then asks, “So you were collecting can goods for the poor eh?”

Rapidly shifting my eyes from right to left I squeak out, “Umm…yeah…..canned goods?”

Kieran smirks….reaches his finger towards my face. I flinch as he flicks a big chunk of avocado from my cheek to the floor. I watched with dread as the green chunk of avocado makes a loud “thunk” as it hits the floor.

End scene

Greek Yogurt

All joking aside….I love avocado. I’ll eat that shit plain with a spoon… I don’t give a fuck.

Guacamole and chips is one of my all time favorite snack…but I found a way to make guacamole and chips my most favorite-r……(sure…I said favorite-r….fuck it.)

If you want to make amazeballs guacamole add greek yogurt to your recipe!

Greek yogurt adds that certain zingy-zangy sumpin’ sumpin’ that your guacamole’s been missing all these years!

Not only does it taste fantastic but it adds extra cool health benefits too! Greek yogurt will help add the following…

Vitamin B12
I mean… avocado is a healthy fruit on it’s own…imagine adding the above elements to your guacamole dip to create a power house eating adventure!

Plus, a could be wrong, but I think greek yogurt has a magical affect on avocado. Meaning, when I make the guacamole the regular way, and I want to save leftovers, the said leftovers usually turn brown in the fridge by the next morning. I don’t know if I’m imagining things, but every time I make guacamole with greek yogurt, the leftovers won’t turn brown for days! Mind you, it’s probably because I make sure to add the pit to the leftovers (which I hear helps) and press plastic wrap into the surface area of the no air can get to it….before I put a lid on the tupperware.

Either way, I was soooo happy to have fresh tasting guac days after I made it.

Summer is basically here…so it’s time to whip up my favorite guacamole recipe to share at your weekend parties and BBQ’s. I swear, one taste of this recipe and it will soon be your favorite too!

Greek Yogurt Guacamole

Greek Yogurt Guacamole

Shock Munch


  • 2 Large Hass Avocado
  • ½ or 1 container (5.3oz) Greek Yogurt
  • ½ teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon cajun seasoning (optional)
  • 14 cup red onion, minced
  • ½ – 1 jalapeño, deseeded, and minced
  • 2 roma tomatoes, deseeded, and minced
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • A handful of cilantro
  • Juice from 1 lime
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Mush up your avocado, in a large bowl, until it's all combined.
  • Now add the yogurt and stir until it's well combined and creamy
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and stir until well combined.
  • Taste and add more of whichever ingredient you think the dips needs.


You can always start with smaller ingredient amounts, and continuing added to taste as you see fit.
Everyone has different tastes…so after all the ingredients are combined, taste and continuing adding any more of any ingredients to your liking.

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